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 KML BRASIL  Castings, Fabrication, Testing and Calibration 


KML BRASIL relies upon ongoing partnerships with suppliers from various segments for the production of quality metal components used by Original Equipment Manufacturers and the aftermarket replacement parts sector. We can supply your product needs, produced under rigid international standards, in the following areas:

Castings:  Investment, Die, Sand (Green, Shell Molding, Cold Box) and Low/High Pressure Aluminum;

Forgings: Drop, Press, Roll, Upset. (forged steel wheels and axles for freight railcars, locomotives and passenger railcars);

Industrial Fabrication:
Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Marine Catwalks/Platforms, Custom Welded Structures, Enclosures, Operator Cabs (ROPS). We can also provide Blanks, Rippers Frames,  Buckets,  Chassis, Articulated Arms, Counterweights, Welded na Machined Assemblies and special projects, all under rigid international standards;

Machining Services: Conventional and CNC machining services for your production needs.





                                                                              Stainless steels for corrosion with abrasion, stainless duplex, Refractory steels, 
                                                                                 special cast iron for corrosion with abrasion,
Nickel alloys, chromium alloys, 
                                                                                                          cobalt alloys, development of special alloys

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